broken ankle from riding fall

Hi...i'm a 43 year old woman who returned to riding about three months ago after not riding for a couple years. (Been riding since i was a very young child.)
Thing is, i used to fall off all the time and just get back on, "no big deal".
This morning, however, i was cantering on the trail (my horse didn't feel "right" , though, from the moment i got on him--tight and tense--he's normally very relaxed and supple)and whether he was sore, or just cranky and sour--(he's ridden by lesson riders, the dryer's broken at the barn, wet saddle pad, yuck and etc.)--ANYway, the poor little guy just all of a sudden bucked-- and threw me--HARD.
(Of course i was wearing my helmet.)
Shaking all over,i tried to stand, and, hopping on one foot, checked his legs for heat and swelling(he was fine) but then found myself having to sit back down on the side of the trail, unable to put any weight on my right leg--let alone get back on him.
Long story short, they got me back to the barn in the golf-cart and i managed to hop to my car and drive myself to the EmergencyRoom.
Doctor X-rayed, said it was broken(tibia), splinted it up (by this time my husband came to get me and drive us home--yes, it was my RIGHT ankle, my DRIVING foot)and i call the Orthopedic Surgeon Monday morning.
How long til i can drive, then ride?
Are there any supplements i can take (Vitamin C, etc., magnesium, etc. etc.) that will SPEED healing?
I can't imagine not driving for long, and forget about not riding--i need to get back in the saddle ASAP!
What can i do??
Thank you so much.
I'm freaking out and borderline DEPRESSED at the thought of all the TIME it will take

Thanks again.

Posted By Chris on November 14, 2008 at 21:50:16:

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