explanation of knee pain/patella-femoral syndrome

I went for a run back in March & about 10 minutes into it, I got this weird pain in my right knee that I ran through for a minute or two, but then, since it was making me feel like my knee would give-out, I had to stop. (I sometimes get another knee pains that I can ignore & run through just fine)

It was not a sharp pain at all, but I can NOT run through it. I can sometimes localize it to Gerdy's tubercle, but in general, it is all around my anterior patella (more lateral, but sometimes medial too). If I try to run through it, it will start going up my IT band & into my hip.

Normally, I feel zero pain. There have been maybe 3 or so incidents since March, seemingly unaggravated, where I have gone to taken a step, and there will be an excruciating pain in my anterior knee. I cannot bear ANY weight on it whatsoever. These have lasted from 3-20 minutes.

I have seen THREE physical therapists now & keep getting a diagnosis of patella-femoral syndrome.

I have done the strengthening of my quads and have greatly improved my hamstring & gastroc flexibility. I have been stretching my IT band, but I have A LOT of trouble feeling the stretch & I haven't really noticed any significant improvements...however, a PT has acknowledged that it is not really abnormally tight (my right ITB doesn't seem much tighter than my left)

The pain itself has stayed about the same, but the onset of it occurs much quicker now...after about 3-4 mins of running (rather than 10 mins).

Another odd thing is that NOTHING else aggravates it. I do the stairmaster, elliptical, bike - all intensely - and have never felt the pain. In addition, I also do lots of squats for strengthening, step classes, etc...and have never felt the pain. It is ONLY with running. The pain will occur w/running even after a good 20 minute warm up on the elliptical.

I have only tried to run a total of probably 8 times since march.

I am less than impressed with my current PT, but am getting really sick of switching PTs & not getting any better results. I even did a lot of asking around before deciding on my current one.

This pain doesn't affect my daily life at all...but I really, really miss being able to run outside. Plus, one of my goals has always been to do a half-marathon! Please, please help!


Posted By Rachel on October 01, 2008 at 15:47:58:

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