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Hi Jeff,

Your injury is more serious than mine, but maybe some of what I've learned will help. I'm a pairs figure skater I broke my fib by falling on the ice while lifting my pair partner Vivian. The rule is, the guy has to protect the girl, so I brought her down on me. The doc said that mine "wanted to be a spiral fracture, but the boot saved it from being worse".

I started riding an excercise bike at the gym in my hard cast during the second week, as I found that the push from the thigh was tranferred through the cast to the pedal, not through the bones. In this way, I was able to keep my thigh somewhat strong. You might try it, just letting your booted foot ride around on the pedal at first while the good leg does the work. If you can push with the injured leg, even if it's only on 2 or 3 resistance setting, you'll begin to reverse the decline in strength in that leg. I was able to get up to level 12 while still in the hard cast with very little discomfort.

I also started doing very light leg extensions and leg curls with the casted leg, letting pain be my guide.

When I got the hard cast off (after a month), I got a walking boot, and was told I could only put 20 pounds pressure on it at first. I had to find a book the same height as my scale, and stand on it with my good foot while I leaned over until I had 20# on the scale. That's not much.

I walked with the cruthes and basically just started putting down my cast with very little weight on it. When the boot was off, I worked the joint with rubber resistance bands from every angle I could think of. Also, I was told to write the alphabet in the air with the bad foot, as this works the joint from every possible angle. I did this more times than I can count.

I also started walking on my cruthes without the boot, putting a (very) little weight on my foot, just trying to get some heel-toe action going, since the boot doesn't really give you any of that.

Later, hundreds of toe raises and heel raises helped. At first on two feet, now I can do them one at a time.

I'm just over thre months into my recovery. For walking, weight lifting (I'm a gym junkie) and running on the treadmill, I feel good, although the ankle is still sore. On the ice, I'm still having trouble with my right footed (injured side) jumps...the ones that take off and land on that foot. It hurts to take off and land (not terrible, but there. The "hops" aren't quite there yet...foot arch, ankle strength, achilles. I'm about at 80% for skating.

If you have any questions or want to talk, just send me an e-mail @ Anything i can do to help.


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