Broken Ankle - 3 places, screws surgery - HELP!!!

So. I just found this website. 2 weeks ago, I feel down one stair - yes, one stair - and broke the right ankle in 3 places - outer, inner ankle & tibia. The clutcher is that I also broke my left foot. So, needless to say, I am stuck in bed, or my chair. I put my left foot in a boot and walk to the bathroom or a chair, etc. I have lots of support. My sister has been here every day and I have been brought dinner every night;. I also have a husband and an 11 year old son. My question is: I am still in pain. I am taking percosetts (SP?) - 5 per day. The prescription says IC Ocycodone w/ apap 5/325 Tab MCK

I guess that is percosett with tylonol. Pretty much this is my schudule: 2 percs in the morning. One naprosyn (500 mg) at lunch. Around 2 I take 1 perc and 1 tylonol. then at supper I take 1 naprosyn and right before bed I take 2 more percs. I am still in constant pain! During the night I have been waking up in excrutiating pain. I have 4 screws on the outer ankle and 2 at the inner and a metal plate. Any suggestions, etc? I am also getting a rash type thing on my foot. My surgeon took off my cast and now I am airing it out as much as possible and icing it. Then I put the bottom half of my cast on - to keep my foot stable, and ace it on. Anyone else do this? Thanks!


Posted By Erika on October 05, 2007 at 21:47:48:

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