Re: broken heel bone recovery

NOTE: By the way all my comments in this message below are ONLY informal chat. I'm just telling about my personal experience that is all. NONE of this is to be taken as advice to anyone.

Repeat message; I fixed some typos:

I broke my left heel in 8-10 places about 11 weeks ago, also damaged the fascia of the right foot (from a roof fall). A lot of Folks at church have been praying for me and brought me adaptive equipment (potty seat, wheelchair, crutches).

My orthopedic Dr., who is a spesensoredt in foot surgeries said about 50%/50% chance that the surgery would help me in my specific case (all injuries are different), I was fortunate that the bones didn't blow all apart inside my foot.

It saved me the surgery. I wore elastic 'sprained ankle' bands for weeks. Then went to a walking cast, now months later working my way out of it to new work boots.

Sometimes had a variety of strange feelings in foot as it heeled: 'bugs crawling' feeling, 'lady's fingernails scratching' feeling, hot feeling, numb feeling, pins and needles, zapp-o electric shocks, and occasional (thankfully rare) jolts of hyper pain.

Much, much better now. Still swells as the day goes on, still a little stiff. Working on that now.

Early on it was a wheelchair and holding the foot off the ground, much later when the Dr. said it was OK went to crutches w/ no weight on foot, later could rest toes on floor. Later when he said it was OK I went to very, VERY mild weight (The least little bit at 1st in walking cast), gradually over time increased the weight in slow methodical timed stages of increase. Then after I slowly built up to one cane and a crutch then layer to two canes, now I am on one cane and occasional can take steps with out even that.

I have been gradually exercising through the process. At first in the beginning for weeks it was just very gentle toe wiggling, in time -as I healed and with the Drs. OK, mild range of motion, later on toe lifts with almost no weight what so ever resting on the foot, then later with the weight of the foot, later still with some of the weight of the leg on the foot, later still all the leg weight on the foot etc.

My calf muscle went to way, way down in about 1st. 6 weeks. Gradually it is coming back (thankfully) I am now up to about at 2/3s of normal calf size at this point, at first it went to maybe 1/3 of normal so I am improving.

I am trying to improve slowly, and incrementally a little at a time.

Thank God for the mercy, and the love, prayers and many helps of friends, family, Dr and my dear wife (who has put up with a lot out of me)

In addition to the adjustable inflatable air bag walking cast I now have also found a helpful mildly stabilizing Velcro heel/ankle brace thing called "Tuli's Cheetah", it has a heel cushion too. I have been using it now that I am getting closer to finally being well.

Best to everyone.


Posted By Bill on December 30, 2007 at 19:55:20:

Silicone inserts leave the epicondyle pressure-free and provide an intermittent compression to the soft tissue of the joint, leading to increased circulation, thus aiding in the resorption of swelling and edema.


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