Broken tibia and fibia: advice...

At 32, and from the UK, I broke my tibia and fibia last year whilst cross country running. I slipped on a muddy patch and landed on a stone that became some sort of pivit.

I was very lucky - without my mobile phone or people around I was totally up sh@t creek. Luckily someone walking their dogs found me and called an ambulance etc.

The docs put a rod down my ankle and pinned it at the top and bottom. Also I have 2 lovely scars down the side of my leg caused by a thing called a fashiottomi - not sure of the spelling?? 2 operations in a week with the talk of a 3rd skin graft that never happend!!

The hardest thing(apart from the week in the hospital)was the feeling of being stranded. The freedom of walking is a wonderful thing!

I started going to the pool every day - just to get out of the house, and to try and do a little more than the day before. I really wanted to improve - really, really, really wanted it like nothing else ever before.

I also practised my walking every day, in all weathers, around the block for 30 minutes with my crutches - after 4 months I was down to one crutch! After 7 months I was walking like before the accident (well 85%). 12 months down the line - I walk really quite well... cycle 50 miles a week, and put it down to a spot of British bad luck. A year on, I still feel I am recovering.

I can't run any more - but I've accepted it. I can play a bit of squash - albeit with lots of hopping and sly shots.

I look at the world a bit different now. I understand the hardship of the poor fellows who are wheelchair bound for their whole lives.

What else helped???? Music really helped! Listening to songs that I used to listen to when I was 15/16 brought back a lot of happy memories. I really feel it helped me recover.

Staying off the pain killers: I'm no hero, but there was no way I was going to end up an addict. Half a tab a night... lots of pain at the start but after a week or so it began to reduce.

Staying off the alcohol: Alcohol makes people fall over!! A shed load of beer down my throat would not do anything but probably put me back in the last place I wanted to be.

Trust in the docs: Now and again I'd question if I was getting better?? But really the docs knew a lot more than I did. In the end they were right.

Watching the movie "The Life of Brian". There's that song at the end of the film when Eric Idle is on the cross - he's about to die and he's cheering everyone up!! I love it!!! "Look on the bright side of life..." - It could have been your back you broke.

Good luck if you read this and your journey of recovery has just started!!! Hope you make it!! I'm sure you will.

Damian Wood

Posted By damian wood on September 26, 2007 at 05:49:03:

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Plantar Fasciitis starts as a dull, intermittent pain in heel or arch, progressing to a sharp, persistent pain. A sharp, piercing pain and/or inflammation through heel and foot that usually occurs in the morning or after resting and gradually disappears with walking.


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