Re: cervical reverse lordosis

"I was just diagnosed with reverse lordosis in my cervical verts. I'm young (26) and have no pain or discomfort associated with it. What is the future 'prognosis' or whatever for it? "
Here is the down low on reversed cervical curves. The natural shape of your cervical spine is a lordosis, a curve with the small part of the curve pointing backwards. The proper term for a reversed cervial curve is a kyphosis. The prognosis is that your neck, the bones and discs, will degenerate faster than normal. Eventually you will develop more and more degeneration and you will likely develop pain. It isn't 100% but it will likely happen. What will happen for sure is that you will have less and less mobility in movement and less and less ability to absorb shocks and impacts without damage.
"Does everyone with untreated reverse lordosis develop neck pain? Is it just a complication in later arthritis?"
Arthritis, or rather osteoarthritis as well as degenerative disc and joint disease, will develop as time comes on. The good news is that you have caught this relatively early. If you retrain your muscle groups and get regular chiropractic care you can reduce the amount of reversal and possibly even return your curve to the proper shape.
"I was advised to start a sort of maintenance/management routine of adjustments for it. Is that sound advice, or the advice of a scoundrel who just wants a reliable check? "
Wow seems like you believe to many of the negatives things put out by MDs toward DCs over the years. Most DCs want to help people like most MDs do. Take my advice and loose the scepticism.

The ultimate decision is yours, do you want to take care of yourself now and spend some money OR wait and see what happens and possibly end up with a lot of pain and decreased quality of life.

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