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Hi, I am a 38 year old female & about 4 months ago I began to experience severe spontaneous "tailbone" pain. I put quotes around tailbone, because I’m not so sure it is my tailbone. And yes, I too am now beginning to notice that the closer I get to menses, the worse my “tailbone” pain feels. I've been to several doctors, including an OBGYN. Apparently, I too have a "tilted" uterus. Also, on CT, for something unrelated, it looks like I have endometriosis. She seems to think the endometriosis is causing my pain. Apparently I have some that has found its way outside my uterus. And each month, since endometriosis “feeds” off of estrogen, when my estrogen fluctuates due to menses, the bits that are outside my uterus “flare up” & cause the pain. At least, that’s her theory. She has suggested a low estrogen dose birth control...the "Depo Provera" shot. She seems to think that regulating my estrogen, would help regulate my pain. I haven't started it yet, as I wanted to see how this month would go, also, I hate taking drugs/medication…unless absolutely necessary. But the pain is just as bad this month, if not worse, so I‘m considering it. One thing’s for sure, it’s VERY frustrating! Especially since I get the feeling the doctors don’t take my concerns/pain seriously. Sometimes the pain gets so bad that my legs feel numb. Mostly though, it tends to radiate into my left hip & down my left leg. And it is sometimes so bad that my leg feels like it’s “on fire” inside. I just hope and pray that it’s nothing serious, something the doctors are “missing“. I had a very rare bone tumor, different location and many years ago, so this tends to worry me a little. Mostly because the pain just spontaneously began. I just hope & pray that it’s not something serious… If only the doctors would listen to me…

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Supports and limits the motion of the IP, MP and CMC joints as well as the wrist. Supports the injured or painful wrist and thumb.

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