I cried in relief when I found this site and saw that other people TRULY understood what I was going through with the itching on the arms...down to explaining in detail the strange skin sensations and scractching until I bled at night (and sometimes during the day) - I read that one man used his car key to scratch his arms - I did too. I really felt like I was insane and when I tried to explain to others - I was made to feel like it was something that I could control and I needed to get over it.

AND the only thing that ever really worked was icing the area - just today I was cleaning out my old bedroom at my parents house and found 7-8 gel ice packs that I has used in the night and forgotten to put back in the freezer.

I called my boyfriend, my sister and parents when I stumbled onto this site in a moment of despair. I am so glad that I found this site - I read the posts to whomever would listen because I was so excited that I wasn't going to insane.

I truly believed that the itching was anxiety related but Xanex didn't help at all - neither did any of the other anti-anxiety pills I was given. I visted numerous dermatologists and have a drawer full of creams and lotions that didn't do a darn thing for me.

As soon as I read the post about the ATARAX I made it a point to go to the walk in clinic in my area. I explained my symptoms and what I had read here and he said he totally agreed with the choice of care and prescribed me the 25mg of ATARAX.

You can take it up to 4x a day...and up to 2 pills at a time - but 2 pills made me feel really sick to my stomach - and it takes a lot for that to happen. I have been taking one pill a night and sometimes I increase it to 1 1/2 pills. It makes you sleepy - which is great - because I haven't felt so darn rested in months. (I have to mention that this itching thing happens in spurts...sometimes it doesn't happen at all for a long time and then it hits me like a brick wall)...I did have to take a pill the other day while I was working but I didn't feel overwhelmingly tired or sleepy at all...and within 20 mins - the desire to scratch was gone.

I finally went back to my newest dermatologist last week and told him about the Atarax...and he was pleased that I found something that was helping and gave me 2 more refills on the pills.

Please...if you think that the itching might have anything to do with anxiety - see your doctor (any doctor) and ask about ATARAX. My arms are healing beautifully...I am sleeping soundly and through the night (and I have lost 10 lbs because I am not eating in the middle of the night while icing my arms)....

Try it. I hope it helps you like it has me. God bless the women who posted the suggestion of ATARAX...and I forever grateful!!

Mashalo nui loa from Honolul, HAWAII!!!

Posted By Amie on July 07, 2008 at 03:11:05:

In Reply to: Intense localized itching on arms posted by Christie Baker on January 25, 2005 at 14:29:14:

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