Sun light UV: Seems to aggravate it (possibly even partly caused it) I get burned pretty bad sometimes and I think thatís when I first noticed it but cant be sure. Noticed a lot of people mentioned sunlight as well. (I have also heard those white patches I mentioned earlier may be due to the sun exposure.

Allergies/asthma: Seems to be very common in sufferers. I too have BAD allergies and asthma. Do you use an inhaler?

Parasites :( still a possibility) All of the other factors are very common human ailments and could just be coincidences. (We NEED to explore all possibilities here so nothing should be ruled out yet.) I personally have over 150 farm and exotic animals that I live with on my farm. So to me, parasites was my first guess, so I would like to know how many others have pets or work with animals? Also BELOW the skin itchiness can also be parasites.

Pregnancy: I have noticed a pattern here as well. So far most women noticed it in their 2nd pregnancy and in the later months of the pregnancy where pressure on the back is worse (another indication pointing to back/neck problems) or possibly hormonal, or both? The 2nd pregnancy also rings a bell because after carrying two babies it puts a lot of wear and tear on you body and back. Even if it is your 1st baby still can cause back problems.

Night time itchies: Some people are mainly night itchers. Or it is much more intense then. This may be because your body does not have much to focus on at night and is relaxed. When you are relaxed your body responds better to stimuli. You can focus more on it and not who's sitting in the desk next to you at work thinking your crazy and have bugs. LOl Or another possibility (if its parasites) I have heard of types that are only active at night. Some come out at night to lay eggs. (Pin worms) I am fortunate not to be too badly cursed with it at night as some have said. But I do wake up with the itching and I just scratch it till it hurts or pinch it and hopefully fall back asleep. My arms itch when ever they decide to, sometimes day sometimes night and both. I never know when its going to happen accept a tingly itchy feeling under the skin and I know if its coming cause if I scratch it and it doesnít help, then I know what I am in for. Sometimes just a few scratches will satisfy it but other times its almost impossible unless I run it under scalding hot water. And that my friends, feels AWSOME!!! Itís like it gets down in there and itches it for you. Itís truly satisfying to finally have some thing to get down into you skin and itch it for you. Itís weird, but it works, it might work for you too. I do it a couple of time till the itching stops and then my arms feel really good afterwards. But sometimes it doesnít help when itís REALLY bad.

Ok still more to read... look for my next posting I am not done yet.

Posted By Jamie on November 30, 2007 at 16:50:57:

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