Ok I have read every last one of these and started taking notes. I too am suffering from this unknown invader of your life. It seems the doctors are not really sure whatís going on so I would like to try to figure it out for myself, if I can. I would like to start out first by telling you about my situation. As I have been reading, we all have this same problem but with a few varying degrees in the location of the arm, what triggered it, how severe it is, time and months its likely to reoccur and so on.

First off I want to list any health issues I have

I am a 24 year old woman. I am pretty healthy for the most part. I am a smoker and drinker. I think I might have some sort of blood sugar problem because I get dizzy and lightheaded a lot when I havenít eaten. I have asthma and use a steroid inhaler. I have severe cramps when itís my time of the month. I am always on time though. I was in a few car accidents one of them I fractured my pelvis which caused me severe back trouble a while later, so bad I could not stand up straight or bend over without it feeling like I had a pulled muscle in my lower back. IT WAS HORRIBLE FOR AT LEAST A YEAR!!! I had to see a chiropractor every other day for months. I also damaged my tailbone when I was about 10 or 12yr old. That caused my tailbone to curl under. I have never had kids. I do have major allergies I "just live with" (because I donít have insurance) I also am anemic.

When I first noticed this CRAZY itching under the skin, it was on my upper arms almost on my shoulders, it has now spread to my lower arms as well. It does not seem to itch in the sensitive areas of the arm like the under arm or inner side of the arm. It has been going on since the mid summer (I think) Sun does seem to affect it. I did not know how to stop the itching so I ran extremely hot water over my arms and that seems to GREATLY satisfy the itch if I did it a couple of times. It left it feeling soothed after wards. I thought maybe I was infected with parasites because I am in VERY close contact with my 150+ petting zoo animals. (Still possible) I also have spent my last 5-6 yrs outside most of the summer in the sun taking care of animals and playing outdoors. I also swim a lot in the rivers around here. I noticed a few people have been coming up with these small white dry skin patches in various spots on the body sometimes in clusters. I have them as well. I was told it came from swimming dirty water. Like a fungus of some sort. These white spots are on my arms as well as other sun soaked places on the body like shoulders and back and face. I donít know if they have anything to do with it or not just throwing it out there. I have scratched open a few little bumps but have never made my self bloody from itching. IT doesnít always itch badly, like now just a few sensations here and there. But when it does flare up OH MY GOD! CUT THEM OFF!!!!!!

I would like to actually start a survey of some sort to find some common denominators since our medical teams will not. Any ideas on what questions to ask would greatly help. I have taken notes and would like to share my findings on the matter.

Hereditary: seems to have shown up in multiple people closely related. Or possibly the fact that the genes are so similar their bodies are reacting from something in the environment.

Blood sugar levels: a lot of people have mentioned this and I too think I have a blood sugar problem. (Do blood sugar problems have anything to do with nerves? or back and neck problems?) I am not sure of this but it would be helpful to know.

Nerves: Does seem to be associated with nerves because of the under the skin feelings we are getting and the fact that itís in the arms. Plus it supports any neck or back problems theories. (Some people have back/neck problems and donít even know it)Possibly circulation of the blood.( I sit with my legs ALWAY bunched up under or near me when ever I sit even when I drive I put one leg up)

I have to put this in sections because its too big for the message space. So look for the rest of it.

Posted By Jamie on November 30, 2007 at 16:48:32:

Silicone inserts leave the epicondyle pressure-free and provide an intermittent compression to the soft tissue of the joint, leading to increased circulation, thus aiding in the resorption of swelling and edema.

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