I did a research on Brachioradial Pruritus and it does seem to be the case in the majority of situations discussed above.This means that the cause of itching is a neurological condition rather than dermatological. To summarize, "Brachioradial pruritus is itching or burning on either or both arms. The affected skin appear normal, all the changes arise from scratching.Brachioradial pruritus is due to nerve damage or nerve compression. It is more often reported in sunny climates. It has been suggested that long term sun exposure is responsible".
After doing this research I realized that all antihistamines and steroids are completely useless. Here is a summary of medications to cure brachioradial pruritus:
Capsaicin (relieves pain of peripheral neuropathy)
Local anaesthetic creams
Cooling lotions: camphor, menthol

Medication to treat nerve pain (Anticonvulsant agents)
Neurontin/ Gabapentin

Amitriptyline (chronic pain and itch)

Other treatments:
Cutaneous field stimulation (CFS)

I myself went to the doctor yesterday and got the prescription for lidocaine (local anaesthetic) and Elavil. I also got Capsaicin which can be bought over the counter. Yesterday for the first time over the last month I didn't wake up bc of scratching! Capsaicin gives you a very warm (almost hot) sensation (which can be a little uncomfortable but beats itching by far!), and lidocaine has a numbing effect. I applied them interchangeably and it really worked!! I don't recommend Elavil though - it made me extremely drowsy and caused severe dehydration - I could hardly make it through my ballet class today bc of it. I think that these two creams (which are durected to treat nerve pain) are enough.
I hope this info helps! However, if some of us do have BRP, it means that we need to see a chiropractor ultimately to try to find out where that compressed nerve is hiding causing all this horrible itching )): Good luck to everyone!

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