Similar story, but some success, doing several things - mine was triggered by a flea infestation, which was unbearable - the exterminator mentioned a menopausal symptom of itchy skin (I overreact to even the adolescent fleas, and to virtually all insect bites), so it's probably partly hormonal; I have back problems off and on, although not in summer for the most part, which is when I have the itchy (upper) arms, so I don't think this is a major contributor. I have hyperthyroidism, but it's in remission. Sun and sweat seem to aggravate it considerably. I stopped a medication with itching as a possible side effect, which helped a bit. It felt to me like my nervous system was overly alert - more "jumpy" than anxious (no dread). I got high blood pressure, and was put on a low dose of beta blockers, which really smoothed it out. In addition, I installed a chlorine filter in the shower, use warm, not hot water, on my dermatologist's recommendation (and moisturizers, used lightly and right away after drying, are hypoallergenic), baths usually include a little epsom salt or Aveeno if it's really bothersome, antihistamines are used if allergies are bothering me, and I sometimes use baby powder, which is s/w soothing - and of course ice. My dermatologist had never heard of beta blockers affecting this, but they were effective for me (and my brother).

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