: Symptoms of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

The medically established symptoms of TOS may include:

Numbness, swelling or tingling of the arm, shoulder and hand

Pins and needles feeling down the arm

A "heavy feeling" in the arm

Tingling feeling in the hands, especially the pinkie finger and the one next to it

Coldness in the hand and arm due to decreased blood circulation

The arm and hand may swell up and the blood vessels may appear more pronounced and "bulgy"

Shoulder and neck pain

Restrictive movement of the neck arm and shoulder

Bluish discoloration of the arm and hand due to decreased blood / oxygen flow.
TOS Symptoms Based on Personal Observations

Listed above are the conditions medical doctors often link to TOS. Listed below are symptoms, based on my personal experience, I believe are often overlooked symptoms of TOS. Because TOS involves pressure on the nerves, muscles and the blood vessel to the head, eye and nose, I suspect there are more facial conditions caused by TOS than are often diagnosed by most doctors. In my case, and I suspect others, TOS caused a domino effect of imbalances on the whole left side of my head. And in turn I think I had some overall body alignment issues which caused the TOS.

For years I went to opthamologists and optometrists for eye floaters and pain in my left eye, but they never found anything wrong. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome and found a physical therapist who was able to treat the condition that I understood the cause of my eye problems. My physical therapist explained to me that my TOS was putting pressure on the nerves around my head and neck as well as restricting blood flow to my eye and nose on my left side. This pressure is what caused my eye to hemorrhage and my nose to bleed just on one side. Eventually, I was able to clear up many of the following conditions with physical therapy, trigger point therapy and yoga poses designed especially for TOS.

Eye floaters

Wavy lines in my peripheral vision. (I've found I can bring this condition on inadvertently when I do yoga poses that tighten my shoulder muscles too much, and I can get rid of the wavy lines with yoga poses that looses up my shoulders and relieve pressure on my eye.)

Flashes or "seeing stars"

High blood pressure just on one side on my body

A feeling of pressure behind the eye on the TOS side

Eye pain

Eye hemorrhage (bleeding in the eye)*

Nose bleeds* just from one side of the nose

Headaches just on left side of my head

Shoulder popping out of place (my left shoulder muscles were so tight at one point that once my shoulder joint popped out of place just from brushing my teeth.)
I'm also much more nearsighted in my left eye than in my right. I suspect it may be at least in part from the TOS restricting blood flow, and the nutrients that blood carries, to that eye.

Posted By Seadoc on November 15, 2004 at 00:41:39:

Helps strengthen the kneecap mechanism by applying pressure on the tendon above the kneecap as well. This tends to reduce the forces of the quadriceps on the patella tendon and erosion of the under surface of the kneecap due to a possible misalignment of the quadriceps (Q-angle).

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