chronic atlas problem

My atlas is virtually ALWAYS out to the right (slightly rotated, and tilted down). This causes excruciating headaches, that resolve within hours of an adjustment. The problem is that I pretty much need an adjustment/week or it returns.

I want to break this cycle, as I cannot afford an adjustment a week. What contributes to this type of pain?

I have had my desk/work station examined by both a physical therapist and an ergonomist. I use a headset for all phone use (home/car/work). I rearranged my living room to put the tv in an ergonomically correct position. I bought a new pillow (therapeutica). I'm out of ideas. I seem to get a huge lump in the muscles on the right side of the suboccipital muscles. My masseters are very tight - should I pursue that? I have knotty muscles in general, so it is hard to know where to start. I use moist heat, massage (self w/ tennis ball) as well as rolfing (which is too $$$$)...

How can I break the cycle? I'm miserable.

Posted By gf on February 25, 2004 at 00:00:33:

Greg W. Bunting D.C.

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Greg W. Bunting D.C.

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