Re: Desiccated Disc - what will be my fate?

Each individual bone in the spine is called a vertebra. In between the vertebrae are flat, cushiony discs (known as intervertebral discs) that act as shock absorbers. The discs normally contain a certain amount of fluid. Disc desiccation is abnormal dryness of the discs. Disc desiccation is common in older people and it can occur in any area of the spine from top to bottom. In fact, most people will experience some degree of disc desiccation in their lives.
As a result of this dryness and loss of fluid, the disc(s) degenerate (wear away) to a degree. Disc desiccation is the earliest visible sign of disc degeneration. Disc degeneration can range in severity from mild, moderate, to severe. Risk factors for disc degeneration include genetics which predispose one to disc problems, a history of moderate to severe spine trauma, and having a job that is very labor intensive and requires heavy lifting.

The subarachnoid space is the compartment within the spinal column which contains the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). In your case it is being compressed some. The disc protrusion is minor as there is no significant compression of the dural sac or nerve roots.

Your fate depends on what you choose to do about it. The discs will continue to degenerate if left untreated, chiropractic care will help maintain them and stop or slow the degenerative process. Doing nothing, the disc will continue to degenerate and symptoms will continue to worsen. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen. I would look for a good chiropractor in your area.

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Supports and limits the motion of the IP, MP and CMC joints as well as the wrist. Supports the injured or painful wrist and thumb.

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