chiro scam??

Need everyone's help here.

Background: I am a career firefighter, and recently (2 weeks ago) a chiropractor located a town over volunteered his time to come to our headquarters to do "proper lifting" training and all that. He came down for each shift, and had a whole powerpoint presentation and all that. He said he is doing it on his own time and for free because he lives in the town that I work in and wants everyone to be performing at optimal if anything happens to him or his family. At the end of his presentation he offered a free "nerve scan". So I went that evening after work. It showed "hot" on both sides of my neck, and also left side of my lumbar region. He had me get x-rays done, and I just got back from my second visit with him, and here is what happened:

He showed me the x-rays and told me that I have a subluxation in my cervical region. My neck is curved slightly in the opposite way that it is supposed to, and is causing nerves to be compressed, etc. He said that the course of action is to see him at first 3x/week and after a month 2x/week, then 1x/week, then once a month for "maintenance" after that. He then talked to me about payment options. This is where I got a little wary of his intentions.

He outlined 48 adjustments, 4 progress exams, cervical pillow, etc. I had the option to pay fully upfront ($776) or monthly with a credit card.

In my opinion, it is a scam. But I want all your opinions.

1. Is this just a muscle imbalance issue that I should go to a good physical therapist for?

2. If anyone has knowledge in chiropractic medicine, is it safe to get readjustments 3x/week?

3. Are the nerve scans really accurate? One was heat and the other one measured I believe electrical activity (I could be wrong on the 2nd).

4. Does this sound like a scam?

Also, I am 22 years old, good physical shape, exercise religiously, and excellent nutrtion, pretty much obsessed with fitness.

Thanks for any help!!

Posted By John on August 05, 2008 at 17:46:11:

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