Scoliosis, Back Cracking and Fluid Noises

My scoliosis in my upper back has been getting steadily worse since middle school (12-14 yrs old). I'm 24 now and in constant pain. I can't stand up straight until I twist painfully hard to the left then right popping as many joints as I can. After cracking my lower back, I lock my hand behind my back and squeeze with all my might to pop my mid back (This one really hurts during my 5th or 6th popping season about mid day). I'm scared of breaking my own neck so I gradually lean my head harder and harder to one side then the other relieving the tension in my neck and top of my back. Finally I hold a book (or something similar) against my stomach and pull as hard as I can popping most of the bones in my upper back (this one I have to do at least ones every hour or two) to straighten myself vertically. I can never adequately pop the vertebrae between my shoulder blades so there's a sharp pain every in my left shoulder (the way my scoliosis leans) any time I move it (including any large arm movement with my left arm or wear a back pack). Recently (for the last year or so), after loosening up my back (which is at least 6-8 times a day) I can hear a loud squirting sound throughout my spine as I walk or turn my head. People who put there ear close and describe the sound as fluid forcefully squirting from one chamber to another. The noise distracting and especially annoying when I'm walking.
I don't like cracking my back (it's very painful and sometimes makes my arms and legs get a shocking numb feeling for a bit) but I'll take pain over being crippled. I've tried all sorts of stretches and have taken prescription muscle relaxers but only my 5 minute cracking seasons straighten me out.
Am I seriously hurting myself with this necessary evil? Are the sounds a sign of something more serious than scoliosis that I should be concerned about?

Posted By Casey D on May 14, 2008 at 04:46:16:

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