chiro - scam ?

I was in a car accident February 23 where a car rear-ended us and it was agreed that it is the other party's fault. I then started my chiro sessions on the 25th. Upon my visit, my chiropractor told me up front I have to pay now, because the insurance

will usually take months to pay him, and that he will reimburse me after he receives payment from the car insurance.

I told him, I dont have that much money to pay upfront, so he introduced me to his care packages.

I pay a flat monthly fee of 200$ to get unlimited visits to him.

As it tuns out, the other party's insurance do not deal with chiropractors directly, and advised that I pay upfront and they will reimburse me along with the settlement. Once I was notifed of this, I informed my chiropractor. He then asked for my car insurance information to check if I have medpay.

My treatment will be ending this month. Before my release, my chiropractor wants me to sign a piece of paper that states I am responsible for all charges that haev incurred. I did not sign the paper, because I told him I havent seen the bills that I am supposedly responsible for. It was then revealed that he was billing my car insurance. I requested that I get copies of the bills.

I received them yesterday. For 12 visits, the total ran up to $3850. This was just adjustments, no x-rays.

He immediately explained that these were additional costs that he is biling the insurance, and that I won't have to pay for it if my car insurance does not cover. He said by law, I would have to pay, but because of prior verbal argreement, I am only paying for the flat monthly fee. And he later referred to my flat monthly payments as "covisit fees."

Firstly, I want to ask, is this legitimate? Or is it a scandal? Can he tell me its a flat fee care package paid monthly, and then turn around and bill my insurance, saying I have only paid for the covisits?

Secondly, this is cutting me short of the settlement. Because every penny my car insurance pays out, I will have to pay them back once I get the settlement.

How should I approach this matter? Tell my adjuster exactly whats going on ?

Or tell the chiropractor he is committing an unethical business scandal?


Posted By HL on April 15, 2008 at 15:48:52:

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