Chiropractic Treatment of Scoliosis and Spondylolisthesis

My back was bothering me about a year ago, so I saw a chiropractor instead of going to my family doctor. He did X-rays, and didn't tell me of any abnormalities. He proceeded to adjust me, I believe three times a week for the first three weeks... after that, the plan was to change.

On the second adjustment of the third week, the doctor had me lay flat on my back and bring my knee to my chest. He moved my leg, and did what felt like a belly flop on my thigh. He did the same to the other leg. By the time he had finished, I was barely able to walk out of the office (I had to call of of work, because of the pain).

The pain persisted, and so I saw my family doctor. X-rays revealed levoconvex lumbar scoliosis and posterior spondylesthesis of L5 on S1. Drugs... lots of drugs (blah).

Anyway, I did a three month bout of physical therapy, and did fine for a while. I had to call off of work today (first time since the chiropractor belly-flopped on my hip), because I have a spot on my back that is particularly painful to the touch, I'm unable to bend beyond maybe... 50 degrees anteriorally, and I have shooting pain into my butt cheeks, and into the anterior iliac crest region, particularly on the right side.

I'm wondering -- what can chiropractic do (aside from another belly flop) to treat scoliosis and retrolisthesis -- and, do you have any knowledge regarding the effectiveness of posterior-anterior thrusts for the treatment of posterior spondylolisthesis (my therapist was going to do it, but changed her mind).



Posted By Brian Prince on February 07, 2008 at 08:54:25:

Silicone inserts leave radius and ulna pressure-free and provide intermittent compression to the soft tissue of the joint, leading to increased circulation, thus aiding in the resorption of swelling and edema.

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