Re: Neck and dizziness

Dawn the clicking or crunching noise you hear coming from the neck is called "joint crepitus". It typically is due to degenerative arthritis or the start of degenerative arthritis. Without doing some x-rays it would be hard to tell if you are developing degenerative arthritis. Dizziness can be caused by a number or things, orthostatic hypotension is common, it happens if you rise from lying position as it takes a few seconds for the heart to pump blood to the brain. We see this more commonly in the elderly. Another cause is inner ear problems. these are all suggestions, its hard to actually know what is going on without actually seeing you. Another common cause is arterial blockages in the carotid arteries which, again is seen most often in the elderly and long term smokers. Yet a few more causes are medications and also positional vertigo (dizziness) which, is also called benign paradoxical positional vertigo. The dizziness associated with this condition is believed to be caused by a collection of debris in the inner ear, certain movements trigger the dizziness. Depending on the cause of the vertigo, chiropractic can help. My suggestion would be to see a chiropractor and get checked out. The Epley Maneuver Technique is a technique practiced by chiropractors that works great for certain types of vertico. Not all chiropractors know this technique though. First thing to do in narrow down the cause, we want to rule out a vascular problem and move on from there.

Dr. Peck

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