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Spondylosis is a degenerative disorder characterized by degeneration of the spine and caused by excessive wear and tear on cartilage and bones of the spine. With time bone spurs develop and this is typical described as spondylosis. The medical community tends to blame the condition on old age. Chiropractors tend to look at the condition differently. When the spine losses function it will with time degenerate. Lack of motion will cause discs to thin, which causes weight to transfer to joints not designed to handle the burden. With time these joints will wear and the body will do what it can to make them larger to help, this causes excess bone formation, which further limits mobility and thus causes the process to continue. The area will finally get to the point to where it fuses together. This further worsens the condition as the vertebra above and below the fusion now has to compensate and thus do the job of two, this again causes abnormal pressure in the vertebra and the process repeats and is typically why spinal fusion surgury tends to fail. These areas of joint restriction, abnormal alignment and lack of motion are commonly referred to by chiropractors as subluxations. Routine spinal checkups by a chiropractor are always a good idea, it is common to have subluxation in the spine and have no symptoms. Once wear and tear starts then the symptoms will appear and sometimes itís too late for a full recovery. You get to the point where the condition can only be managed. Letís look at heart disease, most people have no idea itís going on, they have it for years without symptoms and then one day BAM, they have a heart attack. Donít let a lack of symptoms fool you into thinking you are healthy. Sounds to me from your report you have quite a bit of degenerative joint disease, at this point it cannot be cured but it can be managed. A chiropractor is you best hope to stabilize your condition and then maintain it. As the process continues pain will continue as will lack of motion. Chiropractic can help this. Medications can help with the pain and even the inflammation but does nothing to restore the motion in the spine. It does nothing to correct the cause of the problem and is only treating the symptoms of the disease. Medical doctors lack the training in finding and correcting vertebra subluxation, this is something that is studied by chiropractors for years. Thatís why it is important to have a chiropractor examine your spine regardless of how many doctors you have seen and what you have been told.

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