SI Joint Pain

Three months ago I began suffering lower back pain and could not bend forward more than 4-6 inches without experiencing lower back pain originating around my SI Joint carring down my leg. The pain was worse in the morning but was always better later in the day so I continued to perform lifts at the gym (Squats, deadlifts, running) with extra warm-up sessions. I had an MRI on the SI region and X-Ray which apparently did not show anything.

The pain became worse about 4 weeks ago after some extended sitting during travelling so I stopped running, deadlifts, and squats to try to allow my body to recover.

I have visited a few well reconized chiropractors/sports injury experts the past two months who found my Psoas (Psoas Minor especially tender)and QL muscles to be very tight. They believe that is pulling on my ilium causing my SI Joint to be out and pinch my sciatic nerve. I've been getting active release, accupuncture, and chiropractic adjustments 2-3 times per week for almost three weeks now and have had little to no improvement. (I was told the problem would disappear in 2-3 weeks...)

The latest diagnosis was the problem could be foot related so I've been doing straight leg tensor band resistant exercises for over 1 week with no improvements. I also have been wearing orthodics in my shoes/boots.
The pain is always worse first thing in the morning and I can barely get my right sock on. The pain lessens through-out the day with some stretching and walking/light activity but always returns come morning. This condition is frustrating as it seems the muscle are tight because the joint is out and the joint is out cause the muscles are tight. (which came first the chick or the egg?)

How do I break this cycle & get my life and workouts back on track?
Any suggestions?

Any help is greatly appreciated
Frustrated Athlete

Posted By Ian Jefferson on April 19, 2009 at 14:33:59:

For Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis). The silicone insert fits next to the skin. The insert stabilizes the muscles and apply force to relieve epicondylitis.

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